The Basenji FAQ was the first compilation of useable basenji information on the internet. Originally compiled in 1994 by Elizabeth Adams, Ann Potter, Troy Shadbolt and Fred Sienko; it was born from the newsgroup rec.pets.dogs and followed the popular formula used for several other breeds. As the years passed, the FAQ fell into the care of Troy Shadbolt, who completely revised it with the assistance of Lisa Auerbach, Rosemary Brown and Karla Schreiber. The last major revision occurred in October 2012.

As time has moved on, hundreds of Introductions to Basenjis have been posted online, and many of them are supported by people putting them up as paid advertisements. The Basenji FAQ has never been a paid ad and was always kept out of the hands of breed clubs or volume breeders to avoid whitewashing the reality of this unique breed.

After 22 years, and the loss of the last of my basenjis; I am retiring the Basenji FAQ as a relic of days past. It was offered to a couple of parent clubs earlier in 2016; but there was no response. I now refer you to the Basenji Club of America's Basenji University Owner's Guide HERE.

Good luck to you few that find these unique dogs a fit for your life, they will bring smiles and tears for years to come.